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Reduce Your Cancer Risk

The choices we make every day affect our chances of getting cancer. Three factors that we control have a lot to do with our risk of developing this terrible disease.

Physical Activity icon

How Much We Move
Be physically active every day in any way for 30 minutes or more

Weight icon

How Much We Weigh
Aim to be a healthy weight throughout life

Diet icon

What We Eat
Choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and
          avoid processed meat

Icon: Physical Activity Preventing Cancer
For the greatest protection, combine all three.

Click on the circles below to learn more
about each component of cancer prevention.

Cancer PreventionCancer PreventionCancer Prevention
Cancer PreventionCancer Prevention

These guidelines form AICR’s simple, evidence-based message. Follow any one and you’ll lower your risk. Follow all three, and you’ll afford yourself the greatest protection possible. (And always remember - do not use tobacco in any form.)

AICR experts estimate that overall, about 1/3 of cancers in the 1.6 million cancers that occur every year in the US could be prevented by following these guidelines. For several specific types of cancer, following them could prevent even more cases.

AICR Nutrition Advisor Karen Collins, MS, RD explains the most important steps to lowering cancer risk.

prevention rates posterHow Many?

Eat well. Take care. Get Involved. Our infographic highlights how to reduce your cancer risk. (12.9" x 17")

Weighing the Evidence

Learn more about the science behind these guidelines.

Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

Read the panel’s 10 Recommendations in full.

Materials for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Find information and materials for questions that arise before, during and after treatment.

Materials for Health Professionals and Educators

Order publications in bulk, get tools to help you and your clients.

 Superkids Shield

The Healthy Kids Today, Prevent Cancer Tomorrow Campaign

Take the pledge with your family and get our free toolkits with activities, recipes and tips for kids.

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